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Why Pope Francis Wants to Visit This Islamic Monarchy 09/21/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Hispanic Heritage in the US is all about the Catholic faith 09/20/22  -  Aleteia Read Article
Evangelicals Are Becoming More Open to the Catholic Church — Here’s Why 09/20/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Xi Jinping denies Pope's request to meet while both in Kazakhstan 09/19/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Vatican says Pope will not attend Queen’s funeral 09/16/22  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pope Francis: ‘The West has taken the wrong paths’ 09/15/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Kazakhstan Bishop Cautions About Interreligious Meeting the Pope Attended 09/15/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis seen in wheelchair in trip to Kazakhstan, open to meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping 09/13/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Queen helped strengthen Britain’s relationship with the church, ambassador says 09/13/22  -  Crux Read Article
Why is Pope Francis Going to Kazakhstan? Here’s What He Plans To Do 09/13/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
The geopolitics of Pope Francis’ trip to Kazakhstan 09/12/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Taxes can be key to social justice, pope tells business leaders 09/12/22  -  Reuters Read Article
Queen Elizabeth II’s Encounters with Five Popes 09/08/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis Issues A Personal Message To King Charles III 09/08/22  -  The List Read Article
Pope: International law has been violated, nuclear risks worsened with war 09/08/22  -  Crux Read Article
How did Pope Francis change the Order of Malta? 09/06/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
In new interview, Pope Francis says trips to Moscow and Kyiv are ‘up in the air’ 09/06/22  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Pope Francis calls on Christians to ‘repent and modify our lifestyles’ to save the planet 09/01/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Podcast: Pope Francis didn’t resign this week (though some expected him to) 09/01/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Pope expands ranks of cardinals who'll likely pick successor 09/01/22  -  The Miner Read Article
With new cardinal selection, Pope Francis promotes a globalized Church 08/29/22  -  Le Monde Read Article
Pope Francis becomes first pope in more than 700 years to open the Holy Door in L’Aquila 08/28/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Analysis-Question of who might succeed Pope Francis to loom over cardinals' gathering 08/25/22  -  Reuters Read Article
6 Months Into Ukraine War, Pope Francis Asks Mary to Bring Peace 08/24/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Patriarch Kirill cancels Kazakhstan trip and chance to meet with Pope Francis 08/24/22  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Former Vatican Spokesman: Benedict XVI Is Ready to Meet the Lord 08/24/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Ukraine envoy invites pope to Bucha 08/16/22  -  ANSA Read Article
Irish Catholics call for ordination of women as priests in landmark report 08/16/22  - Read Article
The debate over the Catholicism 'trend' 08/16/22  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pope makes invitation on this feast day: Visit Mary, if you have a chance 08/15/22  -  Aleteia Read Article
Zelensky speaks over phone with Pope Francis 08/15/22  -  Interfax Read Article
Pope Francis, slowing down as he ages, appoints personal medical assistant 08/04/22  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope to slow down or retire 08/04/22  -  KD Miner Read Article
'Foreign ministers' of Russian Orthodox Church, Holy See meet in Vatican 08/04/22  -  Interfax Read Article
Church unity threatened by ideology, pope tells Jesuits in Canada 08/04/22  -  The Compass Read Article
Pope to give 4 speeches, celebrate Mass in Kazakhstan next month 08/02/22  -  La Prensa Latina Read Article
Vatican office OKs Latin Mass for eight Arlington congregations 08/01/22  -  Washington Times Read Article
Pope Francis Says Canada Trip Will Force Him To Cut Back On Future Travel, Leaves Door Open To Retirement 07/30/22  -  Religion Unplugged Read Article
Canada says pope’s apology to Indigenous not enough 07/28/22  -  Crux Read Article
Pope in Quebec amid decline of Catholic Church in province 07/27/22  -  Associated Press Read Article
Pope Francis to address Canada's political leaders in Quebec 07/27/22  -  Yahoo News Read Article
A Religiously Diverse Edmonton Hosts Pope Francis' Visit 07/26/22  -  U.S. News & World Report Read Article
Pope Apology Tour of Canada Continues with Stadium Mass 07/26/22  -  VOA News Read Article
Pope Francis sends message to Queen Elizabeth 07/26/22  -  Hola Read Article
Will three women really shake up the Vatican’s bishop-making process? 07/26/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Other times popes have apologized for the sins of the Catholic Church 07/25/22  -  The Washington Post Read Article
How old is too old to lead? Joe Biden and Pope Francis have people asking. 07/21/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Pope Francis, Vatican call for international cooperation for the environment 07/21/22  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Vatican puts brakes on progressive German Catholic movement 07/21/22  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope Francis Encourages Young People To Eat Less Meat To Save The Planet 07/20/22  -  VegNews Read Article
Prince Albert of Monaco received by Pope Francis at the Vatican 07/20/22  -  Aleteia Read Article
War and peace: Ukraine ambassador sees vital role for Vatican 07/19/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Ukraine bishop says it would be ‘disaster’ if Pope visits Moscow before Kyiv 07/19/22  -  Crux Read Article
Alberta seeing high demand for Pope Francis’ public events 07/18/22  -  Global News Read Article
"That's what I feel": the way Francis decides 07/18/22  -  La Croix International Read Article
Pope Francis Tells Young People In Europe To Eat Less Meat For The Environment 07/13/22  -  Plant Based News Read Article
Pope Francis names nuns, lay women among new Dicastery for Bishops 07/13/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Pope Francis’ reforms to church governance are unlike any since Vatican II 07/12/22  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Pope encourages Catholic-Pentecostal dialogue 07/12/22  -  Crux Read Article
Pope: I wouldn’t live in Vatican or Argentina if I retire 07/12/22  -  Associated Press Read Article
Are these the two women Pope Francis will appoint to the Dicastery of Bishops? 07/11/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope may visit Ukraine in August 2022 - Vatican 07/11/22  -  Interfax Read Article
Schedule released for beatification of Pope John Paul I 07/11/22  -  Crux Read Article
Birth control, IVF, euthanasia: The Vatican encouraged dialogue on polarizing life issues. Is a papal encyclical next? 07/11/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Russia-Ukraine conflict: Kyiv renews invitation for Pope Francis to visit 07/06/22  -  Econo Times Read Article
Pope’s envoy is joyfully welcomed by faithful in South Sudan 07/06/22  -  Crux Read Article
Women to join all-male Vatican committee to appoint bishops: Pope Francis 07/06/22  -  Mint Read Article
Pope Francis hints that he could one day resign, but dismisses ill health rumours 07/05/22  -  Independent Read Article
Elon Musk and Pope Francis just met up. No, really 07/05/22  -  Deseret News Read Article
Pope Francis: I am not retiring 07/05/22  -  News Nation Read Article
Pope Francis calls on Catholics to embrace Vatican II liturgical reforms 06/29/22  -  Crux Read Article
Nancy Pelosi receives Communion and meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican amid abortion debate 06/29/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Laywomen taking up top posts in French dioceses 06/23/22  -  La Croix International Read Article
Pope Francis's visit to Canada will go ahead despite ongoing health issues 06/23/22  -  CBC News Read Article
Pope Francis says resigning 'does not cross his mind' amid health struggles 06/22/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Black or Asian Pope Tipped To Succeed Francis if He Resigns 06/21/22  -  Newsweek Read Article
Pope Francis resigning? Catholics wait on bated breath as rumors swirl 06/20/22  -  Washington Examiner Read Article
Pope Francis' Decision To Cancel Africa Trip Fuels Rumours Over Resignation 06/20/22  -  NDTV Read Article
Pope cracks down on new Catholic religious start-ups 06/15/22  -  ABC News Read Article
Pope’s trip to Canada still on schedule but health is an ‘extreme concern’: Miller 06/15/22  -  Global News Read Article
Pope Francis cancels participation in Corpus Christi mass due to continued knee pain, health concerns 06/14/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Pope Francis again suggests NATO may have provoked Russian war in Ukraine 06/14/22  -  UPI Read Article
Pope Francis says traditionalist Catholics are ‘gagging’ the reforms of Vatican II 06/14/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Canadian lawyer sworn in as leader of Knights of Malta 06/14/22  -  Catholic Herald Read Article
In first, Yad Vashem chief meets Pope Francis in Vatican 06/09/22  -  The Times of Israel Read Article
Image of Pope Francis on a wheelchair sparks retirement rumours 06/08/22  -  Gulf Today Read Article
Fra’ Marco Luzzago, Knights of Malta head, dies at 71 06/08/22  -  Our Sunday Visitor Read Article
3 signs Pope Francis might be preparing to resign 06/07/22  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Is Pope Francis nearing the end of his pontificate? 06/07/22  -  The Washington Post Read Article
Pope Francis fuels new speculation about future of pontificate 06/06/22  -  NBC News Read Article
Why is everyone talking about Pope Francis’ trip to L’Aquila? A CNA Explainer 06/06/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Will Pope Francis Resign? 06/06/22  -  1 Peter 5 Read Article
An upcoming trip by Pope Francis has rumors swirling about his future at the Vatican 06/05/22  -  NPR Read Article
Imam Khamenei calls on Pope Francis to 'continue to speak' for oppressed of the world 06/02/22  -  ABNA Read Article
Pope, Kirill may meet at religious congress in Kazakhstan in September 06/02/22  -  Crux Read Article
Home Search Subscribe Pope asks Mary, Queen of Peace, to end war in Ukraine and everywhere 06/02/22  -  Catholic Standard Read Article
Pope names 21 new cardinals, from Asia, Africa, elsewhere 06/02/22  -  Missourian Read Article
Pope to visit Congo, make ecumenical pilgrimage to South Sudan in July 05/31/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Kazakhstan looks forward to papal visit in September as it marks 30 years of diplomatic relations with Vatican 05/31/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Will Travel To Canada In July To Apologize For Abuse At Catholic Boarding Schools 05/31/22  -  MenaFN Read Article
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