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Pope jokes he is ‘still alive’ despite some bishops wishing him dead 09/22/21  -  The Washington Post Read Article
Iraq releases postage stamps of Pope Francis to commemorate his trip 09/22/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Italian priest arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $120,000 from church to buy drugs to use, sell in sex parties he hosted 09/22/21  -  New York Daily News Read Article
Vatican mandates COVID-19 vaccination, negative test for entry into Catholic city-state 09/22/21  -  The Christian Post Read Article
Pope Says Criticisms of the Church by Some Conservative Catholics is 'Work of the Devil' 09/21/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
Pope Francis: My conservative critics in Catholic Church hope I will die 09/21/21  -  The Times Read Article
How Will the Vatican Enforce the Anti-COVID ‘Green Pass’? 09/21/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Slovak bishop who met Pope Francis last week tests positive for COVID 09/21/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pope Francis ‘clearly’ opposes same-sex marriages, but won’t condemn LGBTQ people 09/20/21  -  Metro Weekly Read Article
Both Robert Jeffress and Pope Francis want you to get vaccinated 09/20/21  -  Baptist News Global Read Article
Vatican to require vaccination proof or negative COVID-19 test 09/20/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
German cleric defends pope's decision to keep archbishop 09/20/21  -  Associated Press Read Article
Tense Face-to-Face Between Viktor Orban and Pope Francis 09/20/21  -  SSPX News: Society of St. Pius X Read Article
Pope Francis defends Joe Biden from calls to deny communion over abortion stance 09/16/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Jesuit High School in California Accused of Teaching Critical Race Theory 09/16/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Catholics the most vaccinated religious group, new study shows 09/16/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope: No place for politics in Biden Communion flap 09/15/21  -  ABC News Read Article
Pope Rejects German Archbishop's Resignation After Abuse Scandal 09/15/21  -  US News Read Article
The Catholic Church bans political speeches in church 09/15/21  -  English Service Read Article
Blocked from serving their church, Catholic women push for female deacons 09/14/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
New Swiss Guard barracks will allow room for families, maybe female guards 09/14/21  -  Crux Read Article
The U.S. Supreme Court: Now a Roman Catholic Institution? 09/14/21  -  The Globalist Read Article
Pope pays Hungary delicate visit 09/13/21  -  Arkansas Democrat Gazette Read Article
Pope Francis travels to Slovakia to honor Holocaust victims on Day 2 of tou 09/13/21  -  Fox News Read Article
Denounce violence, inflammatory preaching, Pope Francis tells religious leaders 09/13/21  -  The Catholic Register Read Article
Vatican cardinal tries to heal rift with Jews after Pope’s rhetoric on Torah 09/13/21  -  Crux Read Article
Mixed messages as senior Catholics and other clerics rebel on COVID vaccine rules 09/13/21  -  Crikey Read Article
Archbishop calls for ‘new era of inclusivity' in Catholic Church 09/12/21  -  The Irish Times Read Article
Cardinal Gregory: Biden 'not demonstrating Catholic teaching' on when life begins 09/09/21  -  The Pilot Read Article
Baptists and Catholics together? Progress and promise despite a shaky start 09/09/21  -  Baptist News Global Read Article
New global initiative seeks to 'unlock' Catechism of the Catholic Church 09/09/21  -  Catholic Herald Read Article
Pope Francis names new bishop in Wuhan 09/08/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
New Wuhan bishop consecrated under terms of Vatican-China deal 09/08/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Catholic Church opts to return to virtual services rather than enforce latest vaccination requirement 09/08/21  -  News Source Read Article
Ambassador: Pope Francis’ visit to Slovakia is ‘a historic moment’ 09/08/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Francis: Mary Teaches Us to Listen to the Voice of the Voiceless 09/08/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Vatican won't say if women can vote in 2023 church meeting 09/07/21  -  Times Union Read Article
Pope, patriarch and Canterbury abbot issue climate appeal 09/07/21  -  AP News Read Article
Pope responds to Israeli criticism over comments on Jewish law 09/06/21  -  GMA News Online Read Article
Pope Francis denies reports that he’s resigning 09/03/21  - Read Article
McCarrick — Once A Powerful Cardinal — Pleads Not Guilty To Sexual Assault Charges 09/03/21  -  NPR Read Article
Georgia mom assaults preschool teacher at Catholic church, claims son was abused 09/03/21  -  Fox News Read Article
Church of England Bishop to be Received into the Catholic Church 09/03/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis' small steps to promote women at the Vatican 09/02/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Vatican. Pope Francis took the floor on the alleged abdication. “There is always a secret tornado” 09/01/21  -  RandrLife Read Article
Pope Francis takes a jab at America's policy in Afghanistan 09/01/21  -  CBS News Read Article
Vatican inquiry exonerates Brooklyn’s DiMarzio on sex abuse charges 09/01/21  -  Crux Read Article
Pope on health: thanks to surgery I can eat whatever I want 09/01/21  -  AP News Read Article
Pope defends deal with China, says dialogue necessary 09/01/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope Francis dismisses resignation rumours 09/01/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Feds charge ex-priest with child sex crimes in East Timor 08/31/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Laywoman assumes high position at Vatican's Latin America commission 08/31/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
Analysis: What's behind rumors that Pope Francis will resign? 08/30/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope replaces Australian bishop in alleged misconduct probe 08/30/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Pope says nurse saved his life, brushes off ‘hurricane’ of resignation rumors 08/30/21  -  Crux Read Article
Expert says Poland experiencing a sea change on clerical abuse 08/30/21  -  Crux Read Article
Pope Francis challenged by Israel’s chief Rabbis over his comments on the Torah 08/27/21  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Young Catholic Professionals get down to business of bringing faith to workplace 08/27/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
Priest removed over allegations of child sex abuse 08/27/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Vatican suppresses Italy-based community founded by married couple 08/26/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
3News Investigates: Northeast Ohio man says Catholic diocese apathetic to his sexual abuse claims 08/26/21  -  WKYC Read Article
Survivors abused by 'sadistic' priest win compensation battle, but money 'won't change' impact 08/26/21  -  MSN News Read Article
Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas will not issue religious exemptions for Covid-19 vaccine 08/26/21  -  CNN Read Article
Chaldean Patriarchate drops ‘Babylon’ from official title 08/26/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Masks to be mandated in all archdiocesan schools 08/25/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
Episcopal bishop mandates COVID vaccines for all Maine clergy and staff 08/25/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Jewish Bible Not Obsolete, Rabbis Tell Pope After Sermon Reignites Centuries-Old Feud 08/25/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
Chief Rabbinate protests to Vatican over pope’s remarks on Torah 08/25/21  -  The Times of Israel Read Article
Vatican urges countries to accept refugees from Afghanistan 08/25/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Archdiocese Of Philadelphia Makes Masks Mandatory For All Students, Staff 08/24/21  -  CBS Philly Read Article
CDO archbishop says vaccines ‘morally acceptable’ 08/23/21  -  Davao Today Read Article
Media: Pope Francis may retire amid health reasons 08/23/21  - Read Article
Costa Rican Bishop Suspends Priest for Saying Novus Order Mass in Latin and ‘Ad Orientem’ 08/23/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Viewpoint: In Cuomo's exit, a lesson for officials of the Catholic Church 08/23/21  -  Times Union Read Article
Vatican punishes Polish archbishop for sex abuse negligence 08/22/21  -  Crux Read Article
Pope Francis: Do Not Water Down the Truth of the Eucharist 08/22/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis Accepts Resignation of Brazilian Bishop After Leak of Intimate Video 08/19/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
COVID Vaccination and Conscience Debate Intensifies 08/19/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis encourages Catholics get COVID-19 vaccine, but some seek religious exemption 08/18/21  -  Fox 4 News Read Article
Getting the COVID vaccine is "an act of love," Pope Francis says in new ad 08/18/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pope Francis urges everyone to get COVID-19 vaccines for the good of all 08/18/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope Francis Makes Urgent Appeal on Behalf of COVID-19 Vaccination 08/18/21  -  VOA News Read Article
As US bishops reject exemptions, Pope Francis dubs COVID-19 vaccine ‘act of love’ 08/18/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Get vaccinated against COVID-19, pleads Pope Francis 08/18/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Pope Francis' absolutism for the COVID jab but not God's Commandments 08/18/21  -  Life Site News Read Article
Bishop Soto: Do not sign off on religious exemptions for COVID vaccines 08/17/21  -  Fox 40 News Read Article
Parishes will not provide COVID-19 vaccine exemptions, archdiocese says 08/17/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
Pope’s arrival to be accompanied by protest 08/17/21  -  The Slovak Spectator Read Article
Monterey Bishop Prohibits Religious Exemption from COVID Vaccine Mandates 08/17/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Church spokesperson: Pope won’t celebrate public Mass during Scotland visit for UN meeting 08/17/21  -  Crux Read Article
Protests erupt outside Catholic church where priest denied unmarked residential school graves 08/16/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Parishes can implement Laudato Si’ action plan by forming ‘Green Teams’ 08/16/21  -  Catholic Standard Read Article
His Old Town Priest Abused Him As A Child. Soon, He’ll Be Able To Sue Over It. 08/16/21  -  Maine Public Read Article
Catholics required back in churches in the Diocese of Scranton 08/16/21  -  WNEP Read Article
Declining number of priests forces Archdiocese of Louisville to share pastors 08/15/21  -  WHAS 11 Read Article
Why Pope Francis Is Cracking Down on the Latin Mass and Angering Traditionalists 08/15/21  -  The Intelligencer Read Article
Pope Francis appointed three women to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences this summer. What’s their role at the Vatican? 08/13/21  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
San Diego’s Bishop Says Catholic Church Does Not Condone Religious Exemption to COVID Vaccines 08/13/21  -  Times of San Diego Read Article
Priests should decline requests for exemption from vaccine mandates, bishop says 08/13/21  -  Fox 5 Read Article
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