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Immaculate Conception: Pope Francis Cancels Public Act of Veneration Again Due to Pandemic 11/29/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Albanian Prime Minister Meets Pope Francis in Rome 11/29/21  -  Exit News Read Article
Catholic nuns lift veil on abuse in convents 11/29/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope’s visit ‘means the world to us’ 11/28/21  -  Cyprus Mail Read Article
Serbia committed to improving relations with Holy See 11/22/21  -  The Government of the Republic of Serbia Read Article
Pope to young people: We need you to protect environment 11/21/21  -  Telegraph Herald Read Article
Confession can be place where church fights abuse, Jesuit says 11/16/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
COP26 climate summit made progress but came up short, Catholic agencies say 11/16/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Vatican Releases Program for Papal Trip to Cyprus, Greece 11/16/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Interfaith dialogue to create friendship tweets pope 11/16/21  -  ANSA Read Article
Pope Francis Gives Papal Knighthood to Veteran Journalists 11/16/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
NPR Stacks the Deck for Democrats to Operate the U.S. Catholic Church 11/16/21  -  CNS News Read Article
Italian Vaticanist Looks to Next Pontificate in New Book 11/16/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Laudato Si’ Action Platform set to integrate encyclical into church life 11/15/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
U.S. bishops set to debate Biden's eligibility for communion 11/15/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Archbishop Cordileone on Joe Biden, Catholic 'Scandal' and the Communion Question 11/15/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
USCCB considering ‘teaching document’ urging Catholic politicians to ‘embody church teaching’ 11/15/21  -  The Christian Post Read Article
Pope Francis again calls for climate action. U.S. bishops have been all but silent 11/14/21  -  NPR Read Article
Pope warns of 'God's judgement' if COP26 fails 11/10/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Devasahayam Pillai is first Indian layman to be canonised by Pope 11/10/21  -  Rediff Read Article
Indigenous leaders to have private meeting with Pope during Vatican visit 11/10/21  -  Global News Read Article
Modi meeting Pope unprecedented moment in India's history 11/10/21  -  MenaFN Read Article
Vatican's 'foreign minister' goes to Moscow Read more at: 11/10/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Archbishop says closer Vatican-Russia ties could benefit the world 11/10/21  -  Crux Read Article
How Vatican City State’s Government is Changing Under Pope Francis 11/09/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Switzerland marks centenary of diplomatic relations with Holy See 11/09/21  -  MenaFN Read Article
Catholic bishops seek answers in rising vandalism incidents 11/09/21  -  AP News Read Article
Pope condemns 'vile' assassination attempt on Iraqi PM 11/09/21  -  ABC News Read Article
San Diego diocesan schools to accept personal belief exemption from student Covid vaccine mandate 11/08/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Indian Catholics hope a papal visit will halt anti-Christian persecution 11/08/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
In fighting climate ‘war,’ can the Vatican and US play good cop/bad cop with China? 11/08/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
French Catholic Church says it will compensate sex abuse victims 11/08/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Italian nun becomes highest ranking woman in Vatican 11/04/21  -  Reuters Read Article
President of Palestine meets with the Pope as new settlements are built in the West Bank 11/04/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Will Pope Francis Visit Syria? 11/04/21  -  The Syrian Observer Read Article
Pope Francis offers Mass for souls of 208 deceased bishops, cardinals 11/04/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
There’s No Evidence Pope Francis Told Joe Biden He’s A ‘Good Catholic’ 11/03/21  -  Christianity Daily Read Article
Pope to offer prayers for record number of deceased cardinals, bishops 11/03/21  -  Crux Read Article
As Biden Met With the Pope, His DOJ Filed a Brief Claiming the Right To Abort a Baby With a Beating Heart 11/03/21  -  CNS News Read Article
Catholic Church in India ‘Excited’ Over Prime Minister’s Invitation to Pope Francis to Visit 11/02/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Biden attends Mass in Rome, tells reporters of his admiration for pope 11/02/21  -  The Catholic Spirit Read Article
Pope Francis to COP26: ‘Now Is the Time to Act, Urgently, Courageously and Responsibly’ 11/02/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis urges leaders to take ‘radical’ climate action at Cop26 10/29/21  -  The Guardian Read Article
Biden says Pope Francis told him he's a 'good Catholic' amid criticism over his abortion views 10/29/21  -  ABC News Read Article
Biden says Pope told him he can receive communion during lengthy meeting at Vatican 10/29/21  -  NBC News Read Article
Biden, Pope Francis discuss climate change and global vaccine sharing 10/29/21  -  NPR Read Article
Pope Francis on BBC Radio: We need ‘a genuine moment of conversion’ on climate change 10/29/21  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Vatican cancels live TV broadcast of Biden greeting pope 10/29/21  -  Sun Herald Read Article
Pope Francis awards Armenia President with highest order of the Holy See 10/29/21  - Read Article
Moon tells pope a visit to North would help peace in Koreas 10/29/21  -  SF Gate Read Article
Pope, Biden hold unprecedentedly long meeting at the Vatican 10/29/21  -  Crux Read Article
Here’s What Happened At The Biden-Pope Meeting At The Vatican 10/29/21  -  Forbes Read Article
Pope Francis and President Ignore Elephant in Room at Vatican Lovefest 10/29/21  -  Yahoo Finance Read Article
What's a 'miracle'? Here's how the Catholic Church decides 10/29/21  -  San Antonio Express News Read Article
Pope Francis agrees to visit Canada amid calls for a residential schools apology 10/27/21  -  The Seattle Times Read Article
A woman pope? Meet the feminists trying to save the Catholic Church 10/27/21  -  My Joy Online Read Article
PM Modi to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican 10/27/21  -  The Week Read Article
Vatican confirms Pope Francis visit to Greece and Cyprus for December 10/27/21  -  Greek City Times Read Article
Catholic Church frowns at private prayer ministries within the Church 10/27/21  - Read Article
Catholic Church in Germany releases first climate protection report 10/27/21  -  Crux Read Article
A look back at the history of US presidential visits to the Vatican 10/26/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
The Vatican is worried about artificial intelligence 10/26/21  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Biden to meet Pope Francis on Friday 10/26/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope Francis meets with President of Germany 10/25/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Pope Francis Names Jeffrey Sachs to Pontifical Academy 10/25/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope-Biden meeting seen as a chance to address shared global concerns 10/25/21  -  Catholic Standard Read Article
Hundreds Of Cubans Protest Outside The Vatican After Being Prevented From Entering Pope Francis’ Congregation 10/25/21  -  Amico Hoops Read Article
Azerbaijan to open embassy in Vatican 10/25/21  -  Trend News Agency Read Article
Are Attitudes About Marijuana Changing Within The Catholic Church? 10/25/21  -  The Fresh Toast Read Article
Pope Francis Praises BLM For Being ‘Social Poets’ And Compares George Floyd To Biblical Good Samaritan 10/20/21  -  Christianity Daily Read Article
The Vatican Strengthens Ties With the Oldest Christian Nation in the World 10/20/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Retired pope hopes to soon join friends in 'the afterlife' 10/20/21  -  Houston Chronicle Read Article
Godfather Ban: Sicilian Catholic Diocese Suspends Naming of Godparents at Baptism for 3 Years 10/20/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Catholics who don’t receive Communion shouldn’t be shamed, scholars say 10/20/21  -  Catholic Standard Read Article
Pope Francis wants seminarians to read this letter from a clerical abuse survivor 10/20/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Study: Most US Catholic bishops kept silent on Francis’ climate change push 10/19/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Vatican updates app to pray with Pope Francis from your smartphone 10/19/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Block ‘fake news,’ Pope Francis begs social media firms, ‘in the name of God’ 10/19/21  -  The Washington Times Read Article
French PM Meets Pope As Abuse Scandal Rages 10/18/21  -  Channels Television Read Article
Nancy Pelosi gives pottery made by Vermont artist to Pope Francis 10/18/21  -  The Burlington Free Press Read Article
French PM Castex gives pope signed Lionel Messi jersey 10/18/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Vatican City has three jail cells, one prisoner, and a surge of people on trial 10/18/21  -  Stuff Read Article
Why This Last-Ditch Ploy to Combat Predatory Priests Is Doomed to Fail 10/18/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
The role of women in the Catholic Church ‘must be addressed’ 10/17/21  - Read Article
Biden to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican 10/14/21  -  The Washington Times Read Article
San Francisco archbishop clarifies Pelosi's papal visit not an endorsement of her abortion views 10/14/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Catholicos Karekin II Meets with Pope Francis 10/14/21  -  MirrorSpectator Read Article
Prominent Anglican bishop received into Catholic Church 10/14/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
White House confirms Oct. 29 meeting between Pope Francis, Joe Biden 10/14/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Catholic Church Says Troops Can Decline COVID Vaccine as First Deadline Approaches 10/13/21  - Read Article
John Paul I, ‘the smiling pope,’ to be beatified after miracle approved by Pope Francis 10/13/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
John Paul I, pope who reigned for only 33 days, put on path to sainthood 10/13/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Rights court: Vatican can’t be sued in European courts by sex abuse victims 10/13/21  -  Courthouse News Service Read Article
US archbishop says Catholic soldiers shouldn't have to get the COVID-19 vaccine, defying Pope Francis' advice 10/13/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
What is the Synod of Bishops? A Catholic priest and theologian explains 10/13/21  -  Times Union Read Article
Judge blocks Baltimore from banning Catholic group's rally 10/13/21  -  SF Gate Read Article
Pope Francis: The Church is catholic because of her respect for other peoples and cultures 10/13/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Pope Francis says old forms of proclaiming the faith will not reach new generations 10/13/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Court Rules Vatican Can't Be Held Liable for Sexual Abuse Accusations Against Priests 10/12/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Pope Francis receive trophies from Zayed Award for Human Fraternity 10/12/21  -  Khaleej Times Read Article
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