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Pope Francis advocates for organization of workers' unions 06/17/21  -  Fox News Read Article
Pope to gather scientists, religious leaders to address climate change before UN conference 06/17/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Working to give women a greater role in the Catholic Church 06/17/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Supreme Court sides with Catholic foster agency that excludes same-sex couples in 9-0 ruling 06/17/21  -  Fox News Read Article
Vatican hosts faith leaders ahead of Glasgow climate meeting 06/17/21  -  Star Tribune Read Article
Vatican denies report on Biden-Pope Francis meeting 06/16/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Bishops beware: 74% say no Communion for Biden 06/16/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Catholic Bishops to Consecrate Middle East to the Holy Family 06/16/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
In Unusual Rebuke, Vatican Says Biden Shouldn’t Be Denied Communion Over Abortion Issue 06/15/21  -  KHN Read Article
‘The Eucharist is being weaponised’: Catholic bishops to vote this week on whether to block Biden from taking Communion 06/15/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
‘Building a Bridge’: Journey to make Catholic church accepting of LGBTQ+ community 06/15/21  -  PIX 11 Read Article
Vatican to seek dismissal of Guam rape case 06/14/21  -  The Guam Daily Post Read Article
Roman Catholic Church in Vancouver defaced with words ‘killers’ and ‘release the records’ 06/14/21  -  Global News Read Article
US bishops to discuss Communion rules that may rebuke Biden for abortion views 06/14/21  -  The Kathmandu Post Read Article
Sister Lucy Kalappura’s Expulsion from Congregation Upheld by the Vatican 06/14/21  -  News 18 Read Article
Morning Mass nixed from June 15 Pope Francis-Biden meeting 06/14/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
First Nation leaders ask Canadian Catholics to skip Mass to protest abuses of Indigenous 06/14/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Presidents, prime ministers and even the pope. The world is coming to Bratislava again 06/14/21  -  The Slovak Spectator Read Article
Vatican warns bishops not to deny communion to Biden, politicians over abortion 06/14/21  -  The Hill Read Article
Pope and Canadian Indigenous: ‘Sorry’ must fit the level of suffering 06/13/21  -  Crux Read Article
Pope Francis blesses child dressed as a young pope 06/13/21  -  Rome Reports Read Article
Pope taps South Korean to head Vatican office for priests 06/11/21  -  ABC News Read Article
Pope denies cardinal’s request to resign; agrees ‘we have sinned’ 06/10/21  -  The Compass Read Article
Catholic Church to Hold LGBTQ+ Pride Mass 06/10/21  -  Tap Into Hoboken Read Article
Campaign begins for Atlanta Catholics to rediscover the Eucharist 06/10/21  -  The Georgia Bulletin Read Article
‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Opposed Church Teachings Dozens Of Times Already, Group Says 06/09/21  -  Christianity Daily Read Article
Sunday Mass obligation back for Catholics in several New England dioceses 06/09/21  -  Mass Live Read Article
Vatican Blasted in New Report for Ignoring That Some Employees May Use Offices for Personal Gain 06/09/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
Why the Pope's lack of apology over church's role in residential schools was no surprise to Vatican observers 06/09/21  -  CBC News Read Article
Crime of abuse is personal failure, not institutional, cardinal says 06/09/21  -  Catholic Standard Read Article
Sex-abuse scandal in Roman Catholic Church is a moral cancer, says Cardinal Pell 06/09/21  -  Church Times Read Article
Covid-19: Wellington Catholic Church leaders urge vaccination, decry misinformation 06/09/21  -  Stuff Read Article
Chief editor of Orbán-allied media: Pope’s behaviour is anti-Christian 06/08/21  -  Euractiv Read Article
National Indigenous leaders plan Vatican visit to appeal for long-awaited papal apology 06/08/21  -  CVC News Read Article
Holy See conducts audit of Rome diocese 06/08/21  -  Aen Vatican Read Article
German Catholic Abuse Victims Meet Papal Investigators 06/08/21  -  US News Read Article
The theological reason why the Catholic Church is reticent to apologize for residential schools 06/08/21  -  The Globe and Mail Read Article
Arizona bishops 'very concerned' about possible executions - including by gas chamber 06/08/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Diocese drops most COVID restrictions for Catholic Masses 06/07/21  -  Union Leader Read Article
'There are no human words': Canadian cardinal at Vatican on residential school abuses 06/07/21  -  CTV News Read Article
Activists in Canada topple statue, demand apology from pope amid reckoning over death of Indigenous children at residential schools 06/07/21  -  The Washington Post Read Article
Trudeau government says Pope's statement on residential schools not good enough 06/07/21  -  680 News Read Article
Pope Francis Names New Vatican Ambassador to Canada 06/07/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Vatican cautions bishops on denying Communion to politicians 06/07/21  -  The Oakland Press Read Article
Priests testify at Vatican trial on abuse in minor seminary 06/07/21  -  Ang Read Article
Polish bishop sanctioned in new abuse scandal 06/07/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
‘Shame, hopelessness’: NH man recalls alleged abuse by former Catholic teacher 06/07/21  -  New Hampshire Union Leader Read Article
Pope Francis voices ‘pain’ but no apology over deaths of 215 children at church-run boarding school 06/06/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Amid calls for Catholic Church to take responsibility for residential schools, Pope meets with Canadian Cardinals 06/05/21  -  National Post Read Article
OCEANIA/PAPUA NEW GUINEA - It is urgent to carry out a new evangelization in the Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea and in the world 06/04/21  -  Agenzia Fides Read Article
Catholic Church Wants Radio Licence, Govt Says No 06/04/21  -  New Zimbabwe Read Article
German Cardinal—Adviser To Pope—Offers To Resign Over Child Sexual Abuse ‘Catastrophe’ 06/04/21  -  Forbes Read Article
Pope Francis Believed to be Preparing Restrictions for the Traditional Mass 06/04/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
The UN urged the Vatican to investigate the remains of 215 children found at a 'mass grave' at a former Catholic school 06/04/21  -  Insider Read Article
Catholic church’s ‘lack of commitment’ to share residential school records under scrutiny 06/03/21  -  Global News Read Article
4 Investigates: More untold stories of the Catholic Church to be revealed 06/03/21  -  KOB4 Read Article
Pope Francis’ Plans for Trip to Hungary Spark Diplomatic Unease 06/03/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
US Church leaders bless LGBTQ Catholics at start of Pride month 06/03/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Should the Catholic Church lose it charitable tax status? 06/03/21  -  iPolitics Read Article
Canadian government asks Pope to apologize for mass graves of Indigenous children 06/03/21  -  The Hill Read Article
Catholic Church wants air time in Zimbabwe 06/03/21  -  The Zimbabwe Mail Read Article
Pope appoints Mgr Yllana from the Philippines as the new nuncio to Israel 06/03/21  -  Asia News Read Article
Pope Francis wants to reform the curia. Good luck with that. (Really) 06/03/21  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Mixed 'blessings' as Bishop Stowe attends Catholic dissenters' Pride Month event 06/02/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Vatican athletics team prepares to take part in Games of the Small States of Europe 06/02/21  -  Crux Read Article
U.S. Embassy to Vatican Flies Gay-Rainbow Flag at Start of LGBT Pride Month 06/02/21  -  CNS News Read Article
Catholic Church still divided over blessing of gay couples 06/02/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Springfield Diocese Publishes Expanded List Of Credibly Accused Abusers 06/02/21  -  WAMC Read Article
‘Shameful’ Catholic Church hasn’t apologized over burial sites discovered at B.C. residential school, Indigenous Services minister says 06/02/21  -  Global News Read Article
Why Could Boris Johnson Marry in a Catholic Church? 06/01/21  -  The New York Times Read Article
Catholic church in Lexington displays pro-LGBTQ messages for Pride Month 06/01/21  -  WKYT Read Article
Pope orders biggest changes to Catholic Church’s penal code in 40 years 06/01/21  -  The Irish Times Read Article
Pope Francis unveils major revision of Church penal code addressing sex abuse issues 06/01/21  -  RT Read Article
Pope Francis Moves to Treat Sex Abuse as a Crime 06/01/21  -  Political Wire Read Article
With World Still in Knots, Pope Francis Turns to Mary With Prayers 06/01/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Holy See receives permanent observer status at the WHO 06/01/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
Vatican law now criminalizes abuse of adults by priests, laity 06/01/21  -  PBS New Hour Read Article
Canon law means you can check out but you can never leave Catholic Church 06/01/21  -  The Irish Times Read Article
Catholic Church Urged To Apologise After Mass Grave Of Indigenous Children Found In Canada 06/01/21  -  LAD Bible Read Article
Church Says ‘All Formalities Completed’ Before Twice-Divorced UK PM Boris Johnson’s Wedding at Catholic Cathedral 06/01/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Boris Johnson wedding was ‘a mockery’ of Catholic Church’s rules – leading Irish priest 06/01/21  - Read Article
Canadian Catholic leaders express sorrow over deaths of Indigenous children 06/01/21  -  Crux Read Article
The Pope Is Toughening Church Laws On Sex Abuse, Fraud And The Ordination Of Women 06/01/21  -  NHPR Read Article
Pope Francis sending team to investigate whether German diocese mishandled sexual abuse allegations, amid public anger 05/28/21  -  RT Read Article
Unemployment and violence among the 'knots' Pope Francis will ask Mary to undo 05/28/21  -  Asia News Read Article
Vatican Imposes Penalties on Retired Polish Bishop After ‘Vos Estis’ Probe 05/28/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
EWTN Honors First Millennial Beatified By The Catholic Church 05/28/21  -  PR News Wire Read Article
Remains of 215 children found at former residential school in British Columbia [run by the Catholic Church] 05/28/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pedophile priest citizenship appeal fails 05/28/21  -  MSN News Read Article
Springfield diocese to expand list of those ‘credibly accused’ of sexually abusing minors 05/27/21  -  Daily Hampshire Gazette Read Article
Child sex abuse survivors, supporters pressure Pa. Senate leader Kim Ward to bring bill to vote 05/27/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
World News Rosary marathon to end with prayers that Mary undo ‘knots’ tied by COVID-19 05/27/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
Cardinal Says Intercommunion Not an Issue in Hungary Ahead of International Eucharistic Congress 05/27/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
The pope's ambitious plan to heal the world and its people 05/27/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
Black Catholics See Continued Progress on the Road to Canonization for ‘Saintly Six’ 05/27/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Vatican to Buddhists: May the Pandemic ‘Unite Us in Service’ 05/26/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Four reasons behind the Vatican’s action on Communion for pro-choice politicians 05/26/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Cardinal: Renewal of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre goes deeper than swords 05/26/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Parents raise concerns over 'woke' ideology infiltrating Catholic schools despite 'conflict' with Church teachings 05/26/21  -  Christian Post Read Article
New Law Could Empower More St. Joseph’s Orphanage Survivors to Sue, but Hurdles Remain 05/26/21  -  Seven Days Read Article
Diocese of Springfield to update list of credibly accused sexual abusers 05/26/21  -  The Berkshire Eagle Read Article
Bishop Paprocki: The Bishops Must Discuss Worthiness to Receive the Eucharist 05/26/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Catholic Priest Dies Hours After Warrant For His Arrest In 1972 Murder Goes Out 05/25/21  -  Little Things Read Article
In An Historical First, Roman Catholic Church Moves To Excommunicate Mafiosi 05/25/21  -  Cosa Nostra News Read Article
Ottawa Catholic board to fly Pride flag over its schools 05/25/21  -  Ottawa Citizen Read Article
Pope Francis asks all Catholics to step up commitment to saving creation 05/25/21  -  Catholic Standard Read Article
A Street Artist Is Suing the Vatican for Allegedly Stealing Her Artwork 05/25/21  -  Hype Beast Read Article
Pope unveils green initiative, says 'predatory attitude' toward planet must end 05/25/21  -  The Hill Read Article
Pope Francis moves pre-seminary at center of abuse trial out of Vatican City 05/25/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Francis Launches 7-Year Laudato Si’ Action Plan 05/25/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Joe Biden Skips Notre Dame Speech amid Petition Criticizing His Abortion Views 05/24/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
Women deacons in the Catholic Church are closer to reality than ever before 05/23/21  -  WBFO Read Article
Pope Francis To Get All-New Electric Popemobile To Help Battle The Climate Crisis 05/21/21  -  Unilad Read Article
Pope renews ministry of catechists 05/21/21  -  The Pittsburgh Catholic Online Read Article
Missouri parish segregates non-vaccinated in church, bans them from using parish hall 05/21/21  -  Life Site News Read Article
Vatican employees criticize pay cuts by Pope Francis as ‘anti-meritocratic and disincentivizing’ 05/20/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Pope’s man in Mexico says clergy, bishops covered up child abuse 05/20/21  -  Crux Read Article
G20: COVID-19 Summit in Rome tomorrow. Co-hosted by Draghi and Von der Leyen. Commission President to have audience with Pope on Saturday 05/20/21  -  SIR Servizio Informazione Religiosa Read Article
Albany Catholic bishop restores obligation to attend Mass in person 05/20/21  -  Times Union Read Article
Gay teacher fired from Cathedral appeals dismissal of case against Indy archdiocese 05/20/21  -  Indy Star Read Article
Catholic priest admits to stealing $516K from N.J. church 05/20/21  -  MSN News Read Article
Vatican legal team grows in Guam clergy sex abuse case 05/19/21  -  The Guam Daily Post Read Article
Croatian archbishop asks homosexuals for forgiveness 05/19/21  -  La Croix International Read Article
The Latest: Detroit archbishop ends mask rule for vaccinated 05/19/21  -  Times Union Read Article
As India Fights for Breath Amid COVID Surge, a Call for Catholics to Pray 05/18/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope joins global elite to plan for world after Covid 05/18/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Catholic Bishop of Broome Christopher Saunders will not be prosecuted over allegations of sexual misconduct 05/18/21  -  MSN News Read Article
As India Fights for Breath, a Call for Catholics to Pray Worldwide in May 05/18/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Swiss consider permanent mission to the Vatican 05/18/21  -  Swiss Info Read Article
Sinead O'Connor has no regrets about tearing up the Pope's photo on 'SNL' to protest abuse in the church 05/18/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Lawsuit: Former Newark archbishop abused 5-year-old girl 05/17/21  -  Associated Press Read Article
Vatican's new Hong Kong bishop says religious freedom must stay 05/17/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pelosi scoffs at possible denial of Communion over her abortion stance: 'I can use my own judgment' 05/14/21  -  The Washington Times Read Article
Francis to meet John Kerry days after Vatican's warning to US bishops 05/14/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Pope urges global disarmament 05/14/21  -  Observer Read Article
Exporting abusive priests: Catholic religious order based near Northbrook reveals abusers 05/14/21  -  Chicago Sun Times Read Article
Catholic Church Investigating Claims Children Prostituted To Church Officials 05/14/21  -  Unilad Read Article
Priest calls for penance to mark 104th year of Fatima apparitions 05/13/21  -  Philippine News Agency Read Article
Why the Catholic Church should allow all priests to marry 05/13/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Vatican II on Catholics In Public Life 05/13/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
Catholic Leaders Continue Debating Over Issue Of Denying Pro-Abortion Politicians Communion 05/13/21  -  Christianity Daily Read Article
Pope Francis meets Argentine president for first time since abortion legalization 05/13/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Holds First In-Person Public Audience at Vatican in Six Months 05/12/21  -  VOA News Read Article
Catholic Perspectives in Short Supply at Vatican Health Conference 05/12/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Vatican weighs in on US bishops’ debate over denying communion to pro-abortion politicians 05/12/21  -  The Christian Post Read Article
Polish bishop resigns after probe into cover-up allegations 05/12/21  -  ABC News Read Article
Faced with opposition from the Vatican, prominent Catholics opt for disobedience 05/12/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Vatican fixes website glitch showing two versions of Catechism 05/11/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Vatican hires attorneys in child sex abuse case against former archbishop 05/11/21  -  The Guam Daily Post Read Article
Man abused in state care alleges children from Wellington boys' home were prostituted out to Catholic Church officials 05/11/21  - Read Article
German bishop rules out general invitation to Communion at congress 05/11/21  -  Crux Read Article
Vatican Responds to Bishops’ Call to Amend Church Law on Crimes Against Minors 05/11/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Catholic Priests in Germany Bless Gay Couples, Defying Pope 05/10/21  -  The Wall Street Journal Read Article
In Honor of Judge Killed, Vatican Creates Group to Study Separating Mafia from the Catholic Church 05/10/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Big B to join Pope Francis, Joe Biden and others in global event to inspire vax drive 05/10/21  - Read Article
Catholic Schools Are Losing Students at Record Rates, and Hundreds Are Closing 05/10/21  -  The Wall Street Journal Read Article
Catholic School District in Canada Mandates ‘LGBT’ Pride Month Awareness and Staff Training 05/10/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Catholic School District in Canada Mandates ‘LGBT’ Pride Month Awareness and Staff Training 05/10/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Indiana Court Upholds Religious Freedom For Catholic School That Fired Teacher For Entering Same-Sex Union 05/10/21  -  Christianity Daily Read Article
Italian judge killed by Mafia is put on road to sainthood by Catholic Church 05/09/21  -  NBC News Read Article
Pastor Greg Locke Attacks Joe Biden, Calls Pope 'Biggest Pedophile on the Planet' 05/09/21  -  Newsweek Read Article
Vatican Conference 2021: Anthony Fauci, Deepak Chopra Headline First Day 05/07/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis dismisses retired Grand Haven priest from the Clerical State due to sexual abuse 05/07/21  -  13 On Your Side Read Article
Pope Francis condemns aggressive nationalism as harmful to migrants 05/06/21  -  UPI Read Article
Fauci, the pope, and Aerosmith's guitarist are taking part in a 3-day COVID-19 conference at the Vatican 05/06/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
German Catholic Priests Defy Pope Francis With Public Blessings of Gay Couples 05/06/21  -  The Wall Street Journal Read Article
Jesuits in Chile to Compensate 4 Victims of Sexual Abuse by Former Priest 05/06/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Catholic bishops who want to deny Biden Communion may have to reckon with the pope 05/05/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Catholic Church temporarily suspends all masses in KL, Selangor 05/05/21  -  MSN News Read Article
Texas bishops oppose bill that would end handgun permit requirement 05/04/21  -  Crux Read Article
Rome’s Colosseum Goes Green Amid Papal Push for Eco-Action 05/04/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
The Catholic Bishops’ War Against Joe Biden 05/03/21  -  Fair Observer Read Article
Nuns on trial in Argentina over abuse of deaf children 05/03/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Pelosi’s archbishop says prominent Catholics who support abortion rights should be denied Communion 05/02/21  -  The Washington Post Read Article
Pope Francis allows bishops, cardinals to be tried by criminal tribunal 04/30/21  -  United Press International Read Article
Zelensky proposes meeting with Putin in Vatican 04/28/21  -  UA Wire Read Article
US Catholic bishops may press Biden to stop taking Communion 04/28/21  -  Associated Press Read Article
Pope ousts leadership of Ecuadorian diocese amid complaints 04/28/21  -  ABC News Read Article
Pope Francis to Launch Rosary ‘Marathon’ for End to Pandemic 04/28/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis’ Advancement of the Catholic Climate Agenda 04/27/21  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Kentucky priest accused of sexually abusing minor reinstated by the Vatican 04/27/21  -  WDRB Read Article
Pope: Rosary to invoke the end of the pandemic starting on 1st May 04/27/21  -  Asia News Read Article
Was Judas Saved? The Vatican Says Yes. 04/27/21  -  Amazing Facts Read Article
German bishop confronts theologian for claiming Catholics against 'gender equality' are racist 04/26/21  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope proclaims sainthood of venerated Dominican laywoman 04/26/21  -  The Compass Read Article
The Pope says he's willing to make a papal visit to North Korea 04/25/21  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Rome homeless get free COVID-19 shots – and a visit from the Pope 04/23/21  -  Metro Read Article
Father Drew rape trial delayed again 04/23/21  -  FOX 19 Now Read Article
On Earth Day, Pope Francis Says the World is ‘At the Limit’ 04/22/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Vatican set to give second dose of vaccine to migrants, poor people 04/22/21  -  Crux Read Article
Pope Francis on Earth Day: People must care for creation or face self-destruction 04/22/21  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Pope Francis, in Earth Day messages, warns 'we are at the edge' on climate change 04/22/21  -  Earth Beat Read Article
Priest’s analysis of Vatican documents: It’s ‘mortally sinful to take or facilitate’ coronavirus vaccine 04/21/21  -  Life Site News Read Article
Putin, Xi, Pope Join 40 Leaders at Biden’s Climate Summit 04/21/21  -  Bloomberg Quint Read Article
Vatican Dedicates May to Global Rosary ‘Marathon’ for End of COVID-19 04/21/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Saying he missed people, pope returns to window for Sunday prayer 04/20/21  -  Arlington Catholic Herald Read Article
Pressure Intensifies on Catholic Church to Change Teaching That Homosexuality Is ‘Intrinsically Disordered’ 04/20/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
After Vatican said ‘God cannot bless sin,’ some LGBTQ people leave Catholic identity behind 04/19/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Chelsea Clinton, Deepak Chopra to speak at Vatican health conference 04/19/21  -  California Catholic Daily Read Article
Holy war as bridal firm faces being kicked out by Catholic church 04/18/21  -  MSN News Read Article
Pope Francis voices 'great apprehension' over Russian military buildup near Ukraine 04/18/21  -  Euronews Read Article
Pope Francis Applauds Beatification of Monks Who Died Protecting the Eucharist 04/18/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Pandemic prompts belt-tightening at the Vatican 04/17/21  -  Financial Times Read Article
Can Pope Francis Head Off a Schism? 04/15/21  -  The Wall Street Journal Read Article
5 Priceless Things In The Vatican's Secret Rooms 04/15/21  -  The Richest Read Article
At Vatican abuse trial, priests cast doubt on testimony of witness 04/15/21  -  Catholic Sentinel Read Article
Local city, clergy leaders discuss ways how Tucson can support Vatican’s new sustainability initiative 04/14/21  -  KVOA Read Article
Students press Catholic colleges to respond to ban on same-sex blessings 04/14/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Mosque row raises Church-State issues 04/14/21  -  The Tablet Read Article
‘We are outraged’: Parents object to new assignment for Cincinnati bishop who failed to report Father Drew allegation 04/14/21  -  FOX 19 Now Read Article
German legislators consider ending state payments to churches 04/14/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Former Priest Charged With Sexually Abusing Children Near LA 04/14/21  -  U.S. News & World Report Read Article
Ex-Catholic priest who worked at churches in Palmdale, Redondo Beach charged in decades-old sex assaults of 4 boys: DA 04/14/21  -  KTLA News Read Article
Fired Catholic church choir director files racial discrimination lawsuit against diocese, parish 04/14/21  -  WKBW News Read Article
Pope returns to his window overlooking the Square for Regina Coeli 04/14/21  -  Vatican News Read Article
Former Auxiliary Bishop Who Mishandled Allegations Named Pastor in Cincinnati Archdiocese 04/14/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Wealthy conservative Catholics are the new US magisterium 04/13/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Minnesota bishop resigns at the request of Pope Francis 04/13/21  -  Bring Me The News Read Article
At online symposium, Pope Francis says religions can eradicate sexual abuse together 04/13/21  -  The Salt Lake Tribune Read Article
Vatican event on priesthood to explore topic of celibacy 04/13/21  -  Crux Read Article
Are German Catholics pushing for divisive reformation? 04/13/21  -  Union of Catholic Asian News Read Article
KOCH: Marquette must follow Catholic Church, give reparations 04/13/21  -  Marquette Wire Read Article
Three Warwick Catholic parishes to be merged due to priest shortage, drop in attendance 04/12/21  -  NBC 10 NEWS Read Article
Cincinnati bishop who quit in fallout over priest charged with raping altar boy will be pastor over 2 churches 04/12/21  -  FOX 19 Now Read Article
The sharing of goods and the social function of private property 04/12/21  -  Vatican News Read Article
Italian prosecutors request arrest warrant for Italian financier named in Vatican scandals 04/12/21  -  Religion News Service Read Article
German Catholics chafe against Vatican's same-sex marriage ruling 04/12/21  -  Reuters Read Article
Woman raped by priest set to sue over Catholic Church’s response 04/11/21  -  The Times Read Article
Franciscan priest charged with rape 04/10/21  -  Altoona Mirror Read Article
Defrocked over abuse accusations, priest ordained by order near Northbrook faces a reckoning 04/09/21  -  Chicago Sun Times Read Article
‘Profound evil’ of abuse must be eradicated, Pope Francis tells symposium 04/09/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
Vatican Covid Commission backs debt cancellation for African nations 04/09/21  -  Vatican News Read Article
A bird’s nest and healing: Vatican sponsors event on preventing sexual abuse 04/08/21  -  Vatican News Read Article
Defrocked Pa. Priest Revered in East Timor Accused of Abuse 04/08/21  -  NBC Philadelphia Read Article
Law firm starts database of Catholic child abuse 04/08/21  -  Adirondack Daily Enterprise Read Article
Local group says Catholic Church should publicly name priests accused of being predators 04/07/21  -  Fox 4 News Read Article
Catholic Church Faces Wave Of Sex Abuse Cases Across State 04/07/21  -  Oswego County Today Read Article
Mexican bishop announces run for political office, then backtracks 04/06/21  -  Catholic Philly Read Article
Hariri to visit Pope Francis in the Vatican this month 04/06/21  -  The National Read Article
Austrian Catholics fly rainbow flag in face of Vatican 04/05/21  -  Taipei Times Read Article
Cardinal: Too many Catholics don’t understand that some church teachings can actually change 04/05/21  -  America Read Article
Pope Francis urges COVID-19 vaccinations for poor after scaled-down Easter mass 04/05/21  -  FOX 19 Now Read Article
The Vatican has lost over $100 million since pandemic began 04/05/21  -  Aleteia Read Article
Pope Francis’s Easter message urges world leaders to ensure universal access to vaccines. 04/04/21  -  The New York Times Read Article
"Francesco", A New Documentary About Pope Francis 04/02/21  -  WSFB News Read Article
After Vatican decree, over 100 theologians pledge to support same-sex couples 04/01/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
‘Encourage Christians To Eat Vegan This Easter’, Pope Francis Told 04/01/21  -  Plant Based News Read Article
Easter at the Vatican: Pope Francis faces second year of reduced numbers and revenue 04/01/21  -  CBS News Read Article
Pope Francis on climate and migration: ‘To see or not to see, that is the question’ 03/31/21  -  Angelus News Read Article
More than 100 homeless, disenfranchised people given COVID vaccines at Vatican 03/31/21  -  ABC News Read Article
Further measures needed to combat financial crime at Vatican, pope says 03/31/21  -  The Record Read Article
Two Catholic bishops assure transgender people: 'God resides in you' 03/31/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
U.S. Catholics divided by party on whether Biden should be denied Communion over his abortion stance 03/30/21  -  Pew Research Center Read Article
Pope grants German archbishop faulted over abuse ‘time out’ 03/29/21  -  Everything Lubbock Read Article
LGBTQ Community Reacts to Vatican's Statement on Same-Sex Unions 03/29/21  -  Spectrum Local News Read Article
Suicide Bombing Attacks Catholic Church Mass in Indonesia 03/29/21  -  Democracy Now Read Article
Archdiocese’s Black parishes closing disproportionately 03/29/21  -  Chicago Crusader Read Article
Church will likely look different in post-pandemic era 03/29/21  -  Arkansas Catholic Read Article
Suspected Suicide Bombing Rocks Catholic Church in Indonesia 03/28/21  -  VOA News Read Article
British judge: Vatican made ‘appalling’ claims in UK probe 03/26/21  -  Crux Read Article
Vatican trial: Ex-student says he witnessed abuse at minor seminary 03/26/21  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
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Words of Care and Concern
If anyone should think that we are attacking fellow Christians, please keep in mind that the prophecy is aimed at a system and not individuals. There are sincere, devout Christians in all churches, including the Catholic faith. Bible prophecy simply gives a message of judgment and correction upon a large religious institution that compromised with paganism, as many other churches have also done.