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US Vatican ambassador: World is looking to Pope Francis to help end Ukraine war 05/18/22  -  National Catholic Reporter Read Article
Pope Francis changes canon law to allow lay brothers to lead religious orders with priests 05/18/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Pope’s recipe to heal his painful knee? A shot of tequila 05/17/22  -  Crux Read Article
Vatican minister visits Ukraine as pope toes delicate line 05/17/22  -  Crux Read Article
Vatican confirms pope will visit Indigenous in Canada in late July 05/17/22  -  The Compass Read Article
Pope Francis Canonizes First Indian Saint 05/16/22  -  India West Journal Read Article
What’s the future of Catholic-Russian Orthodox relations? 05/09/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Francis’ Lebanon trip ‘delayed for health reasons’ 05/09/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Francis seen publicly in wheelchair for first time, citing knee pain 05/05/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Vatican Preparing for Possibility of Women Swiss Guards if Pope Francis or Successors Give the Nod 05/04/22  -  News 18 Read Article
Pope’s Cardinal Advisers Debate Women’s Role in the Church With Amazon Nun 04/28/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope, Council of Cardinals meet, discuss war in Ukraine 04/28/22  -  Crux Read Article
Pope Cancels Day's Activities Due To Flare Up Of Knee Pain - Vatican 04/26/22  -  Peace FM Read Article
Vatican mulling Jerusalem meeting between pope, Russian patriarch -sources 04/14/22  -  Baptist News Global Read Article
Pope Francis to visit Kazakhstan in September: presidency 04/14/22  -  Yen Read Article
New US ambassador appointed to the Holy See 04/14/22  -  The Jerusalem Post Read Article
Pope Francis washes the feet of 12 Italian prisoners for Holy Thursday 04/14/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Ukraine expects Russia to suspend hostilities during any papal trip -envoy 04/07/22  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope Francis Receives Ukraine’s New Vatican Ambassador 04/07/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope begs forgiveness of Indigenous for Canada school abuses 04/07/22  -  News 8000 Read Article
Facing Declining Mass Attendance, Malta’s Catholics Hope Papal Visit Will Revitalize the Faith 03/31/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Cardinal Marx: ‘The Catechism is Not Set in Stone. One is Also Allowed to Doubt What it Says’ 03/31/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
‘The whole world is watching:’ First Nations delegates to meet with Pope Francis 03/31/22  -  PA Now Read Article
They came 5,000 miles - to ask Pope to say sorry 03/31/22  -  BBC News Read Article
Here are two times a pope has apologized in recent history 03/31/22  -  Erie News Now Read Article
Bishops, Theologians Hold Private Meetings in Chicago to Discuss How U.S. Catholics Can Support Pope Francis 03/30/22  -  NBC Chicago Read Article
Canada Indigenous groups seek apology in meeting with Pope Francis 03/28/22  -  Axios Read Article
Tears, but no apology: Inside the meeting between Pope Francis and Métis survivors of residential schools 03/28/22  -  CBC News Read Article
Pope Francis Meets Lebanon’s President at the Vatican 03/22/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope to Consecrate Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Mar. 25 03/22/22  -  KTF News Read Article
In new phone call, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy tells Pope Francis he would welcome Vatican mediation 03/22/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Bishops around the world will join Pope Francis in consecration of Ukraine, Russia 03/22/22  -  Crux Read Article
Opening Curia posts to laity, pope is implementing Vatican II, experts say 03/21/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Pope set to expand role of women at the Vatican 03/21/22  -  The Times Read Article
What Will The Pope Say During the Papal Consecration of Russia and Ukraine? 03/21/22  -  The Tablet Read Article
Filipino bishops to join Pope Francis’ consecration of Russia and Ukraine to Mary’s Immaculate Heart 03/20/22  -  Interaksyon Read Article
Catholic Church in Nicaragua will join the consecration of Russia and Ukraine 03/20/22  -  Infobae Read Article
Pope Francis Issues New Vatican Consitution 03/20/22  -  SWFI Read Article
Latvia’s Foreign Minister: The Church Must Keep Its Moral Compass 03/17/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Bishops to join Pope Francis in consecrating Russia, Ukraine to the Blessed Mother 03/17/22  -  Manila Bulletin Read Article
Pope fears humanity will be wiped out by nuclear war 03/17/22  -  Metro Read Article
Diplomats, including Ukrainian and Russian, pray for peace at Vatican 03/16/22  -  The Pilot Read Article
Pope Francis discusses Ukraine war with Russian Orthodox leader 03/16/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
6 ways a plant-based diet can help us meet Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’’ challenge 03/14/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Vatican Cardinal to Make 2nd Visit to Ukraine Border at Pope Francis’ Request 03/14/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Nicaragua expels the Vatican ambassador 03/14/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Has peace a chance? Vatican diplomacy and the war in Ukraine 03/10/22  -  The Tablet Read Article
Papal Envoy: ‘I Will Go to Ukraine, as Far as I Can’ 03/07/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis Says ‘Rivers of Blood’ Flowing in Ukraine; Vatican Ready to Help 03/07/22  -  The Tablet Read Article
Catholic leader thanks Poles for welcoming 1 million people fleeing Ukraine war 03/07/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
True freedom found in sharing, not possessing, pope says 03/07/22  -  Crux Read Article
The Order of Malta’s reform is now firmly in Pope Francis’ hands 03/07/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Podcast: Can Pope Francis negotiate peace between Russia and Ukraine? 03/03/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
How the Ukraine Conflict is Reshaping Relations Between Churches 03/03/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Let one Church unite Ukraine, Russia 03/03/22  -  Catholic Star Herald Read Article
Ukrainian Catholic Leader: ‘Kyiv is Being Transformed into the Spiritual Capital of the World’ 03/03/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Pope Francis plans to visit Congo and South Sudan in July 03/03/22  -  AP News Read Article
Mi’kmaw Elder heading to Vatican, hopes for an apology from the Pope 03/03/22  -  APTN National News Read Article
Bishops Ask Pope Francis to Consecrate Ukraine and Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary 03/02/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Bomb hits Catholic diocese’s headquarters in Kharkiv, Ukraine 03/01/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Donnelly will soon head to Rome as new U.S. ambassador to the Holy See 03/01/22  -  Crux Read Article
After Meeting Pope Francis, Leader Invites France’s Muslims to Pray for Peace in Ukraine 02/28/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Vatican offers to mediate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine 02/28/22  -  Religion News Service Read Article
Pope Francis Offers Services For Ending Ukraine War 02/28/22  -  Outlook Read Article
Pope Francis Refrains From Blaming Russia for War in Ukraine 02/28/22  -  The Wall Street Journal Read Article
Eastern Orthodox faith leader joins Pope in condemning invasion 02/27/22  -  The Washington Times Read Article
Ukraine President Zelensky thanks Pope Francis for praying for peace amid Putin’s invasion 02/27/22  -  The Christian Post Read Article
Ukraine Archbishop Cancels Papal Trip to Remain in Homeland 02/24/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Cardinal off to the Vatican; Expected to meet the Pope 02/23/22  -  News First Read Article
Prominent Jesuit priest appears to defend puberty blockers for children, then walks it back 02/22/22  -  Fox News Read Article
Pope exempts Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter from Latin Mass restrictions 02/21/22  -  Crux Read Article
Pope Francis: The Catholic Church must change - 'We have always done it that way' is poison for the life of the Church 02/17/22  -  The Irish News Read Article
Migrant Minors Dispute Pits Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Against Catholic Church 02/17/22  -  CBS Miami Read Article
Pope Francis may be our last hope for stopping war in Ukraine 02/15/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Former Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly sworn in as newest ambassador to the Vatican 02/15/22  -  South Bend-Elkhart WNDU-TV Read Article
What’s behind Pope Francis’ changes to the Vatican’s doctrinal office? 02/15/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Ukraine Looks to Pope Francis to Help End Conflict With Russia: Report 02/14/22  -  Newsweek Read Article
Russia-Ukraine crisis: Kyiv welcomes Vatican mediation 02/14/22  -  Reuters Read Article
Pope, Jill Biden Among Those with Personal Requests That Slowed Down Afghan Withdrawal, Commander Testifies 02/14/22  -  Yahoo News Read Article
A Black gay priest in New York City is challenging the Catholic Church from within 02/14/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review Read Article
Pope restructures Vatican doctrinal office 02/14/22  -  Crux Read Article
Ukrainian archbishop: ‘If the pope comes to Ukraine, the war would end’ 02/09/22  -  Crux Read Article
Vatican considering papal trip to Lebanon 02/09/22  -  DPA Read Article
Ukraine's Catholic leader invites pope to visit and help bring peace 02/08/22  -  Reuters Read Article
Loyola Hosting Pope Francis For Virtual Talk With College Students In Americas 02/08/22  -  Block Club Chicago Read Article
Pope Francis to visit South Sudan this year 02/08/22  -  The East African Read Article
Pope Francis Makes First TV Talk Show Appearance 02/07/22  -  National Catholic Register Read Article
Abu Dhabi: Vatican opens embassy in UAE 02/07/22  -  Gulf Business Read Article
Fourth Anglican bishop in a year joins Catholic Church in UK 02/07/22  -  Crux Read Article
Human rights activist: Diplomatic relations between Vatican and China would be ‘totally unacceptable’ 02/07/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Germany’s Catholic Church backs reform including greater gender equality 02/06/22  -  The Irish Times Read Article
Catholic celibacy rules should be loosened, cardinal says 02/03/22  -  Fox 5 News New York Read Article
Top Catholic Cardinal Calls for Changing Church Teaching on Homosexual Relationships 02/03/22  -  CNS News Read Article
Cardinal Hollerich says church teaching on gays 'no longer correct' 02/02/22  -  Angelus News Read Article
Man denounces the Catholic church at the Pope's audience 02/02/22  -  Yahoo News Read Article
Nobel Peace Prize 2022: Sir David Attenborough nominated alongside Pope Francis and the WHO 02/01/22  -  MSN News Read Article
Canadian Indigenous leaders to meet with Pope Francis in March 02/01/22  -  Catholic News Agency Read Article
Pope Francis appoints Filipino priest as envoy to Rwanda 02/01/22  -  CNN Philippines Read Article
Catholic Church in New Zealand discovers 14 per cent of clergy accused of abuse, with Cardinal describing findings as 'horrifying' 01/31/22  -  NZ Herald Read Article
Pope Francis: ‘Taxation Is a Sign of Legality and Justice. It Must Favor the Redistribution of Wealth’ 01/31/22  -  CNS News Read Article
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